Lake Service Providers

The Cass County AIS Program and area lake associations have partnered to implement the FiveStar Lake Service Provider Program. This program asks participating Lake Service Providers (LSPs) to hold themselves to a higher standard to prevent the spread of AIS from movement of their equipment, or by sales of used docks, lifts, and swim-rafts. In return for their participation in the program, Cass AIS Program will pay for their required DNR AIS training. WLBCR Lakes Association is highly supportive of this new program and the preventive role the LSPs play in preserving our lakes.

When scheduling an LSP, please consider contacting one of the following Lake Service Providers enrolled in the FiveStar Program to help keep our lakes clean and free of AIS: 

For the most current list see the Cass County website: Cass County Lake Service Providers

If you use another provider, please verify they are a DNR-permitted lake service provider; and if they’re not, ask if they will consider becoming a FiveStar LSP. Visit the Cass AIS Program website to learn more about this important program: Aquatic Invasive Species (

MN DNR Conservation Officers

As licensed peace officers, Conservation Officers enforce laws and regulations under the jurisdiction of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, which relate to:

They also perform public relations and educational duties throughout the state.  To reach a conservation officer, call the DNR Information Center at 651-296-6157. The CO for our region is Jacque Johnson.

Also available for reporting a suspected violation is the Turn In Poachers (TIP) Hotline: 1-800-652-9093.