Peace-filled Virtuoso by James Carey, Wabedo Lake

A gaggle of geese

Merrily migrating

Haphazardly honking

In symphony no, cacophony yes

Ever contributing nonetheless

A trio of trumpeters

Parading in purity

Elegantly elevating the pitch of the air

With a bold and brassy long-necked blare

On shore, the melodious mourning dove

Not visible but valued

For her calm, cool cooing

Setting the stage for the diva in dive

Then, on cue, she swims up to arrive

Behold, the luxurious loon

Cloaked in black with hint of white

Unparalleled skill with sopranic shrill

Reverberating across the waves

Matched by her mate a mile a way

And of course, the percussionists

Pileateds punctuating the opus

With trains of trauma

On pines once heaping and hallowed

Now harmoniously hollowed

All a peace-filled virtuoso

All a call to follow so