2011 Annual Mtg

2011 Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting for 2011 was held on June 25th at the YAH Club. Below are pictures of the attendees.

A plaque was presented to Ronald "Bud" Anderson for his many years of service:

Since 1985, Bud Anderson has been checking the Wabedo Lake water quality every week. Roughly, that adds up to 500 times. Although he retired from the water testing portion this year, he continues to take Secchi disc readings. He starts recording data shortly after each year’s fishing opener in May and continues until the first of October. Bud shared that he usually did the test on Tuesdays between 8:00 & 8:30 a.m., after he got tired of fishing. Bud would go to the designated spot on the lake (#202) where the depth is 50 feet and do two tests. He dropped the Secchi disc to check for water clarity and he gathered water from below the surface in a long white tube. The water samples and Secchi readings go to the RMB Environmental Laboratories program which records the clarity and the levels of phosphorus and chlorophyll. Bud keeps track of the Secchi Disc readings for the year and sends them to the Minnesota Pollution Control Board.

Bud noted that fishing on Wabedo is ‘holding its own.’ He does the ‘catch and release’ program, but when he brings a fish home, he likes it dipped in beaten eggs, cracker crumbs and fried! When asked if his view on Wabedo has changed over the thirty years, he said, “Not at all. It is still the most beautiful view on the lake.”

Bud joined the Wabedo , Little Boy, Cooper, Rice Lakes association in 1980 and volunteered to be on the board. When asked why he joined, Bud stated that he hoped to ‘make a difference’. Other board members will attest that Bud has made a difference. Thank you for the many hours you have given.