shoreline protection & restoration

MN DNR Conservation Officers

As licensed peace officers, Conservation Officers enforce laws and regulations under the jurisdiction of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, which relate to:

  • fish and wildlife,

  • state parks,

  • trails,

  • forests,

  • waters and wetlands.

They also perform public relations and educational duties throughout the state. To reach a conservation officer, call the DNR Information Center at 651-296-6157. The CO for our region is Jacque Hughes.

Also available for reporting a suspected violation is the Turn In Poachers (TIP) Hotline: 1-800-652-9093.

Cass County Shoreland Homeowner's Guide

Cass County created a Shoreland Homeowner's Guide in 2008 and sent one to each property owner in Cass County. The guide discusses ways for you, the homeowner, to be a good steward of the land to help protect the water quality and pristine nature of our area. The guide was updated in 2017 and is presented here.

Cass County Shoreland Homeowners Guide 2017 (large pdf file - 4724kb)

This booklet Wildflowers & Pollinators of a Leech Lake Rain Garden and Shoreline contains a photographic display of wildflowers in a lakeshore association’s rain garden and shoreline on Kabekona Bay of Leech Lake. It provides a basis for recognizing these plants in the same or different areas of northern Minnesota and beyond. Cass SWCD reviewed and provided funding for this document.


The WLBCR Lakes Association is proud to partner with Charlie Crom of Boy Scout Troop 249 in Stillwater as Charlie works on his Eagle Scout project.

Charlie proposed his Eagle Scout project to the Board in October, 2017. Charlie will build 12 wood duck houses and donate them to the association. The association will work with a couple members and Camp Olson personnel to install and maintain them at sites near our lakes. The photo at left shows President Kathy Wagner finalizing the agreement with Charlie at our October 21, 2017 Board meeting. We are excited to work with Charlie and with Camp Olson to see this project completed.

Charlie's parents, Tim and Shari, own property on Wabedo Lake near the public access.

August 18. 2018 Update

Charlie has completed the 12 wood duck houses and the YMCA Camp Olson has agreed to install and maintain all 12 of them on the YMCA properties. Charlie brought the houses to the WLBCR Board of Directors meeting today and Kathy Wagner is shown congratulating Charlie. Charlie coordinated the work of his scout group and others to complete the houses. Congratulations to Charlie on this major accomplishment in his Scouting endeavors ! !

Watershed Restoration and Protection (WRAPS)

The MPCA employs a watershed approach to restoring and protecting Minnesota's rivers, lakes, and wetlands. Money to accelerate efforts to monitor, assess, and restore impaired waters, and to protect unimpaired waters was funded by the Minnesota’s Clean Water Legacy Act.

There are 80 major watersheds in Minnesota. Intensive water quality monitoring and assessments will be conducted in each of these watersheds every 10 years. The Leech Lake Watershed is just wrapping up its 4 year study.

Please see the following link for more information on the process:


The final version of the Leech Lake River Monitoring & Assessment report is now available.

The Stressor Identification report is also available.

The Watershed Restoration & Protection Strategy (WRAPS) report will be available soon.