(*) = chairperson

Cindy Gackle(*), Bob Krahn, Randy Noecker, Gayl Hohbein, Randy Hohbein

Our focus is to prevent the transmission of AIS in to our lakes, and implement early detection strategies of AIS to minimize its potential spread and lessen the damage and associated expense should AIS ever spread to our lakes.

Karen Kaehler(*), Jenney Devore, Gayl Hohbein, Krista Thorburn

Responsible for planning for annual meeting and picnic. Solicit volunteers, coordinate food, prizes, speakers, etc.



Bob Johnson(*), Kenton Klinghagen

Work with the DNR to maintain/improve our lakes fisheries. Work with other organizations (such as  ACCL, Muskies Inc, etc.) to ensure healthy fisheries. Work with water quality committee on vegetation preservation and other water quality issues that impact fisheries. Educate our membership on fisheries issues.

Ron Stokesbary(*)

Responsible for installing, removing and storage of the association water marker buoys.

Ron Stokesbary(*)

Research parcels of land on association lakes that have development potential. Contact owners concerning options available to them for preservation, conservation, etc. Provide education and/or assistance on shoreline restoration, watershed viability, and aquatic vegetation restoration. Work with Northern Waters Land Trust and other organizations to ensure sustainability of our lakes.

Dale Lemke(*), Bob Johnson, Ron Stokesbary

Monitor water quality in association lakes. Responsible for Secchi disk readings, water testing, water levels recording, and reporting of collected data to responsible parties. Education of our membership on water quality data and issues that affect water quality.