Lakes Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

As part of the 3 County Water Planning project, water quality data has been gathered and put together in one place on the Cass County web site:

These reports are quite detailed and pull together data that has been available but in separate data sources so it was not easy to compare or analyze. These new reports make accessing this information much easier.

The following link is to the RMB Environmental Lab who does our water testing. From this site you can see the results of testing for chlorophyll, phosphorus, etc. for each of our lakes who participated (Little Boy, Wabedo, and Cooper).


At the end of the year, RMB Labs sends our water quality data to the MN PCA so they can use it to analyze statewide trending of water-related testing. Here is where the Minnesota PCA keeps data on our lakes MN PCA.

The following link is a year-end summary of all lakes in our area who participated in the water testing in 2007. ACCL RMB 2007 Summary PDF file - 711 KB - (opens in new window)

Water Clarity

These links go to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Each of the links below are for water clarity (Secchi) readings. Each page may also have a link to the water quality data for each lake.

Wabedo - NE Bay - DNR#11-0171-01

Wabedo - SW Bay - DNR#11-0171-02

Little Boy - DNR#11-0167

Cooper - DNR#11-0163

Lake Levels from the DNR site

Little Boy levels

Wabedo levels