Lakes Mgmt Plan

The Lakes Management Plan is a document intended to create a record of historic and existing conditions and influences on Wabedo, Little Boy, Cooper and Rice Lakes, and to identify the goals of the Wabedo, Little Boy, Cooper and Rice Lakes community. Ultimately it is meant to also help prioritize goals, and guide citizen action and engagement in the priority action areas. Clearly state agencies and local units of government also have a vital role and responsibility in managing surface waters and other natural resources, but above all else this Lake Management Plan is intended to be an assessment of what we as citizens can influence, what our desired outcomes are, and how we will participate in shaping our own destiny.

Lakes Management Plan - 2008

We have completed the updating of our Lakes Management Plan. This update process started in May of 2008 with training for five members of our organization. We held our Visioning session for our members in August where three areas were selected for our organization to focus on. Below is a link to each of the sections of the document.

2008 WLBCR LMP Adobe Acrobat file - 687KB - (Main file)

2008 WLBCR LMP - Appendix A - 98KB

2008 WLBCR LMP - Appendix B - 103KB

2008 WLBCR LMP - Appendix C - 66KB

2008 WLBCR LMP - Appendix D - 63KB

2008 WLBCR LMP - Appendix E - 814KB

2008 WLBCR LMP - Appendix F - 268 KB

2008 WLBCR LMP - Appendix G - 69.9KB

2008 WLBCR LMP - Appendix H - 85KB

2008 WLBCR LMP - Appendix I - 103KB

2008 WLBCR LMP - Glossary - 116KB

Below is a link to the summary results of the septic inspection program we completed as part of this version of the lakes management plan:

2009 Septic Inspections

Lakes Management Plan - 2002

The Lakes Association developed a lakes management plan in 2002. It is available here as well as the bylaws as they were at that time.

2002 Mgmt Plan