Walker Area Walleye Coalition

This group was formed after many individuals, lake associations, and others needed a forum to voice their concerns over the declining walleye fishing in the Walker area lakes. The group met and proposed to the DNR fish management proposals for each of the coalition lakes. Dick Sternberg of Little Boy Lake and others provided valuable guidance for these proposals. The DNR agreed to some of the proposals and not others. The group is still working with the DNR concerning changes to management plans for the coalition lakes.

See additional web pages in this category for information on each of our lakes.

The lakes in the Walker Area Walleye Coalition are:

  • Birch
  • Blackwater
  • Girl
  • Inguadona
  • Little Boy
  • Long
  • Mule
  • Pleasant
  • Ponto
  • Sand
  • Stony
  • Trelipe (Upper and Lower)
  • Wabedo
  • Webb
  • Little Webb
  • Woman

As you can see from the chart below, the WAWC has helped to ensure that walleye stocking has increased dramatically in the Walker area in the last few years.

WAWC Mission Statement

Provide a forum for member lake representatives to register their concerns relative to the quality of walleye fishing in area lakes. Provide feedback to, and partner with, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Walker Area Fisheries Team. Partner in the design and development of walleye management plans for coalition lakes, under the guidelines of the DNR "Core Lakes Stocking Program."


Assist coalition lake representatives in understanding the status of walleye populations and management plans for their lake encompassing: walleye stocking rates, lake classification designation, lake survey interpretation, habitat enhancement, restoration, etc.

  • Assist in the design, development, and implementation of forward-looking walleye management plans that include aggressive walleye populations for coalition lakes.
  • Monitor results, compared to Action Assist in the development of corrective action plans if population goals are not being met.
  • Utilize member contacts and seek suggestions to meet coalition mission statement and goals.

2008 Update

This is the stocking the DNR has agreed to for 2008:

2007 Update

The DNR has agreed to stock Inguadona, Pleasant and Ponto lakes. These are the last three lakes to be addressed from the original participants.

2006 Update

Here are the actions the DNR has agreed to do for the lakes:

Blackwater - 678 lbs. fingerlings, fall of 2006

Long - 712 lbs. fingerlings, 2007

Mule - 250,000 fry, 2007

Little Boy - 800,000 fry, spring of 2006

Lower Trelipe - 712 lbs. fingerlings, fall of 2006

Upper Trelipe - 284 lbs. fingerlings, fall of 2006

Wabedo - 590 lbs. fingerlings, fall of 2006

Webb - 600,000 fry, spring of 2006

Little Webb - 70,000 fry, spring of 2006

Woman - dye-marked the fry stocked this spring. Creel survey next year.

Inguadona, Ponto, Pleasant - electrofish fall of 2006. Creel surveys next year.