Walleye Stamp

Walleye Stamp

A voluntary $5 walleye stamp was created during the 2008 legislative session. Stamps are available March 1, 2009 with sale proceeds to be used for stocking walleye in state waters.

According to statute, revenue from walleye stamps must be used only for stocking walleye in waters of the state and related activities. Money in the account may not be used for costs unless they are directly related to a specific body of water, or for costs associated with supplies and equipment to implement walleye stocking activities.

Accurate revenue projections for the walleye stamp are complicated due to the variability of voluntary fees. Based on the sale of 1.14 million fishing licenses in 2007, if 1 percent of license holders purchase the stamp, approximately $57,000 would be generated annually.

DNR would prioritize waters of the state based on the statewide stocking plan.

Outcomes would include more stocking of fry, frylings and/or fingerlings into fishable waters of the state.