LAKE Wabedo

Lake Wabedo Fishery

Lake Wabedo (DNR #11-0171) has 1185 surface acres and 295 littoral acres and is classified as DNR lake class 22. Maximum depth is 95 feet and shoreline length is 11.6 miles. The lake was mapped in July, 1953. There is a DNR maintained public access on the south end of the lake. A DNR fisheries lake survey was completed in July, 2018 and another in 2015.

The DNR Fisheries Management Plan for Lake Wabedo:

As part of the Walker Area Walleye Coalition (WAWC) efforts, Wabedo will receive additional stocking of walleyes over what it has had in the past. Previously, Wabedo was on a every 3 year fry stocking schedule of 600,000 fry. Now it will get 590 pounds of fingerlings every other year.

In 2006, 700 pounds of fingerlings/adults were stocked in the fall (Wabedo should normally receive 590 pounds of fingerlings). The 2006 stocking contained 566 yearlings weighing 134 pounds, 7,919 fingerlings weighing 443 pounds, and 101 adults weighing 123 pounds.

In 2008 (Sep30-Oct03), 590 pounds of walleye fingerlings (26/lb) were stocked and in 2010 another 590 pounds of fingerlings were stocked. In 2011, the DNR agreed to extend the current stocking plan through 2012 so we should receive another 590 pounds of fIngerlings in 2012 and every other year thereafter.

Lake Wabedo Stocking History

Wabedo Stocking History

Gill Net Results

Wabedo Walleye Counts Per Net, Length, Weight

In this chart, the blue line represents walleye counts per net. You will notice the blue line was decreasing from 1996 to 2005. This is the reason we asked the DNR to change to fingerling stocking on a every other year basis. A population assessment was done in 2009 to measure the success of the fingerling stocking program. Note the walleye counts have rebounded in 2009. Another assessment done in 2012 reinforces the improvement from 2009, however, 2015 and 2018 show a downward trend.

The mean length and weight are shown for the fishery:

The PSD and RSD-P measure the size structure of a fishery and the relative weights also indicate fishery size structure.

Wabedo CPUE and Length Distributions per Species

2018 Gill netting done by DNR in July 2018 Mike Fresvik rode along with the DNR. Others viewed from their personal boats.

- photos by Gayl Hohbein

2016 Walleye Fingerling Stocking

590 pounds of fingerlings were stocked (fish about 6 inches long)

- photos by Ron Stokesbary