Rice Lake Fishery

Rice Lake (DNR #11-0162) has 248.0 surface acres and 193.0 littoral acres. Rice Lake has two almost equal size basins. Maximum depth is 30 feet in one basin and 6 feet in the other basin and shoreline length is 4.24 miles. The lake was mapped in 1969. There is no public access but there is a navigable channel from Inguadona Lake. The DNR has classified Rice Lake as Lake Class 29.

A DNR fisheries lake survey was completed in 1990.

Special Panfish Regulation

A special population assessment targeting crappie was completed in 2008 to support the proposed special regulation for panfish. This regulation will limit crappie and bluegill daily limits to 5 crappie and 10 sunfish. The new rules will maintain or improve the average size of crappies and sunfish available for anglers by preventing over-harvest of larger fish. This special regulation will be in efffect for Inguadona and Rice Lakes beginning in 2009.

The DNR Fisheries Management Plan for Rice Lake: DNR Fishery Mgmt Rice 1992