2021 Standing Committees

(*) = chairperson

Aquatic Invasive Species/Political Action - Cindy Gackle(*), Bob Krahn, Randy Noecker

Work with DNR to train volunteers to identify AIS. Survey for AIS 1x or 2x/year. Educate members on AIS issues. Work with DNR on prevention and eradication if found. Research Lake Improvement Districts and recommend creation when appropriate.

Be informed on political issues that affect our association lakes. Prepare position papers and/or correspondence for board approval. Educate association members and encourage member participation in the political process for issues that affect our lakes.

Community Outreach – Gayl Hohbein(*), Bonnie Ewald, Karen Kaehler, Krista Thorburn

Responsible for planning for annual meeting and picnic. Solicit volunteers, coordinate food, prizes, speakers, etc.


  • Annual Meeting/Picnic - (OPEN) - Solicit volunteers, coordinate food, prizes, speakers, etc.

  • Membership – (Gayl Hohbein) Responsible for recruiting new members and retaining existing members.

  • Newsletter – (Karen Kaehler) Responsible for preparing twice-yearly newsletter from information provided by the Board, committees, and other members.

  • Website/Facebook – (Gayl Hohbein) Responsible for updating/maintaining the Association web site and Facebook page. Add/maintain data as needed, recommend updates, changes, etc.

  • Adopt-a-Road – (OPEN) Responsible for trash removal on 3.4 miles of Cty Hwy 54 ditches. Schedule clean up times, solicit/coordinate volunteers, ensure bags are available, etc.

  • Community Organization Interface - (OPEN) Interface to other related organizations or governmental organizations.

Fisheries – Bob Johnson(*), Mike Fresvik, Doug Williams, Rich Wozniak

Work with the DNR to maintain/improve our lakes fisheries. Work with other organizations (such as WAWC, ACCL, Muskies Inc, etc.) to ensure healthy fisheries. Work with water quality committee on vegetation preservation and other water quality issues that impact fisheries. Educate our membership on fisheries issues.

Safety/Buoys - Ron Stokesbary

Responsible for installing, removing and storage of the association water marker buoys.

Sustainability – Ron Stokesbary(*), Kathy Wagner

Research parcels of land on association lakes that have development potential. Contact owners concerning options available to them for preservation, conservation, etc. Provide education and/or assistance on shoreline restoration, watershed viability, and aquatic vegetation restoration. Work with Leech Lake Watershed and other organizations to ensure sustainability of our lakes.

Water Quality – Kathy Wagner(*), Bonnie Ewald, Bob Johnson, Ron Stokesbary, Doug Williams

Monitor water quality in association lakes. Responsible for Secchi disk readings, water testing, water levels recording, and reporting of collected data to responsible parties. Education of our membership on water quality data and issues that affect water quality.


  • Loons - (Ron, Mary Jane) Perform counts of loons on association lakes in accordance with DNR guidelines. Report data to the DNR and educate members on data and issues.

  • Secchi readings - (Randy Helland, Tom/Pam Field, Joe Bloch, Joe Maertens) - weekly readings.

  • Water levels, ice in/out - (Mary Jane Black) Record water levels and ice on and off dates.

  • Water sampling - (Tom/Pam Field, Russ Link, Randy Helland, Kathy Wagner, Joe Maertens) Monthly water samples of lakes and inlet streams.

  • Housing and Solid Waste – (OPEN) Responsible for programs that address waste issues such as septic inspections, etc. Work with DNR Lake Advocate program.