Political Action

Political Action Committee
This committee provides input on various political issues that face our lakes and surrounding areas. When the committee determines the Association could or should take a position on pending legislation, ordinances, or other political actions, they write a position paper for the Board of Directors to consider. The Board then determines and approves what action to take whether it involves writing a letter, sending an email or other correspondence or action.

Below are some of the issues the Committee has dealt with:
Docks (2008-2010)
The proposed legislation dealing with docks was sent back to the legislature by the governor.  Our Association sent an email to the DNR supporting keeping the current rules without a special general permit allowing platforms.
Wabedo Bridge (2006-2007)
Our Association was instrumental in requesting Cass County repair the Wabedo Bridge by adding more safety items. Kathy Wagner and Bill Hansen also requested additional No Parking signs which were placed in the bridge area in January, 2008.
Star Lakes (2007-2008)
We attended meetings held by Sen, Mary Olson concerning her proposed legislation concerning the creation of a Star Lakes designation. This designation would recognize lake associations that meet certain criteria.
Cass County Conservation Development Standards (2007)
We sent correspondence to Cass County with our requested changes to the proposed Conservation Development Ordinance. This ordinance would create a conservation development (similar to a golf course design) process for Cass County. There are some issues in this ordinance that we would like to see changed. See one of our Committee members for more information.
Update 2009 - these standards have been implemented in Cass County.
DNR Alternative Shoreland Standards (2007)
We sent correspondence to the Governor and head of the DNR supporting statewide adoption of the current voluntary DNR Alternative Shoreland Standards. These voluntary standards were created for the five county around Cass County and each county can voluntarily pick and choose parts of these standards to adopt. These standards address development rules in shoreland areas.
DNR Shoreland Standards Update (2008-2010)
The DNR is updating the statewide Shoreland Standards in a 18 month long process. We are monitoring this process and will provide input when the DNR gets to that point in their process.
Update - August, 2010 - This legislation was sent back to the DNR by the governor for additional work. We do not know what this entails at this time, but we do not believe the legislation will move forward this year. Please let your legislator know you are in favor of stricter state-wide standards.